Nishtha Jatana

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Spam or unsolicited email has become a major problem for companies and private users. The problems associated with spam and various approaches that attempt to deal with it, have been presented here. Statistical classifiers are one such group of methods that show adequate performance in filtering spam, based upon the previous knowledge gathered through(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for reduction of test cases in a test suite using mutation testing. The proposed approach maps the problem of reduction of test cases to the set cover problem which is one of the Karp's originally proposed 21 NP hard problems. The solution to the problem uses a Greedy Approach to find the reduced test suite. Our(More)
Diabetes Mellitus is a hazardous disease plaguing many humans in the world and it is caused due to high Blood Glucose Levels (BGL). Patients with diabetes need to regularly check their BGL in order to stay safe. Through this paper, we aim to provide a medical image processing system based on colorimetric detection particularly for diabetic patients that(More)
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