Nishmar Cestero

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We are building a new corpus of deceptive and nondeceptive speech, using American English and Mandarin Chinese adult native speakers, to investigate individual and cultural differences in acoustic, prosodic, and lexical cues to deception. Here, we report on the role of personality factors using the NEO-FFI (Neuroticism-Extraversion-Openness Five Factor(More)
The functionality of much of human lateral frontal cortex (LFC) has been characterized as "multiple demand" (MD) as these regions appear to support a broad range of cognitive tasks. In contrast to this domain-general account, recent evidence indicates that portions of LFC are consistently selective for sensory modality. Michalka et al. (2015) reported two(More)
Sensory modalities vary in adeptness for spatial and temporal information domains (Welch & Warren, 1980). Recent work suggests that attention and short-term memory (STM) recruit this variability (Michalka et al., submitted). Here, we investigate the relationships among visual and auditory modalities, and spatial and temporal STM. We developed stimuli(More)
Vision and audition have complementary affinities, with vision excelling in spatial resolution and audition excelling in temporal resolution. Here, we investigated the relationships among the visual and auditory modalities and spatial and temporal short-term memory (STM) using change detection tasks. We created short sequences of visual or auditory items,(More)
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