Nishith Pathak

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With social interaction playing an increasingly important role in the online world, the capability to extract latent communities based on such interactions is becoming vital for a wide variety of applications. However, existing literature on community extraction has largely focused on methods based on the link structure of a given social network. Such(More)
This paper examines online player performance in EverQuest II, a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Sony Online Entertainment. The study uses the game's player performance data to devise performance metrics for online players. We report three major findings. First, we show that the game's point-scaling system(More)
Observation and analysis of a phenomenon at unprecedented levels of granularity not only furthers our understanding of it, but also transforms the way it is studied. For instance, invention of gene-sequencing and computational analysis transformed the life sciences, creating fields of inquiry such as genomics, proteomics, etc., and the Hubble Space(More)
This paper presents a generalized version of the linear threshold model for simulating multiple cascades on a network while allowing nodes to switch between them. The proposed model is shown to be a rapidly mixing Markov chain and the corresponding steady state distribution is used to estimate highly likely states of the cascades' spread in the network.(More)
Advanced communication technologies enable strangers to work together on the same tasks or projects in virtual environments. Understanding the formation of task-oriented groups is an important first step to study the dynamics of team collaboration. In this paper, we investigated group combat activities in Sony’s EverQuest II game to identify the(More)
Interpersonal interaction plays an important role in organizational dynamics, and understanding these interaction networks is a key issue for any organization, since these can be tapped to facilitate various organizational processes. However, the approaches of collecting data about them using surveys/interviews are fraught with problems of scalability,(More)
Smitha ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This dissertation has required a tremendous amount of motivation, patience, support and appropriate guidance. I am very grateful and thankful to my adviser, Professor Jaideep Srivastava, who was instrumental in providing the required motivation, support and expert advice at every stage of this dissertation. He has been a great(More)
PageRank is a popular ranking metric for large graphs such as theWorld Wide Web. Current research techniques for improving computational efficiency of PageRank have focussed on improving the I/O cost, convergence and parallelizing the computation process. In this paper, we propose a divide and conquer strategy for efficient computation of PageRank. The(More)
Knowledge management in organizations is gaining in importance, especially with the advent of computer networks. Networks foster interaction between individuals, and have become the medium of choice for all types of interactions, both professional and social. In this research, we study the perception of knowledge in an organization’s email network. An(More)