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The problem of labeling the edges present in a single color image as convex, concave, and occluding entities is one of the fundamental problems in computer vision. It has been shown that this information can contribute to segmentation, reconstruction and recognition problems. Recently, it has been shown that this classification is not straightforward even(More)
In this paper we present a max-flow min-cut based salient object detection in 3D point cloud that results from Structure from Motion (SfM) pipeline. The SfM pipeline generates noisy point cloud due to the unwanted scenes captured along with the object in the image dataset of SfM. The background points being sparse and not meaningful, it becomes necessary to(More)
The developing dentition is used to assess maturity and estimate the age in many disciplines including anthropology, archeology, forensic science, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. There is evidence that dental development is less effected than skeletal development by malnutrition and hormonal disorders. There are two methods of dental age assessment,(More)
BACKGROUND The forte of research today aims at determining genotoxic changes in human cells as rapidly as possible. Micronuclei estimation in exfoliated cells is an easy, noninvasive and a reliable method to monitor genotoxic changes due to various reasons in oral mucosal cells. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To identify, quantify and compare micronuclei in(More)
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