Nishigandha Patel

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Present communication reports the physico-chemical and biological quality of seawater and status of benthos of a highly industrialized shore of the north-western coastline of India. The coastal area considered for the present study, encircled by a variety of industries, was divided into two sampling sites and monitored for two consecutive years. Results of(More)
A comparison study between Y + 36° and 0° X-cut lithium niobate (LiNbO3) was performed to evaluate the influence of crystal cut on the acoustic propagation to realize a piezoelectric high-voltage sensor. The acoustic time-of-flight for each crystal cut was measured when applying direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), and pulsed voltages. Results(More)
The conventional method used to determine A L, the processing induced channel length shortening in MOSFETs at room temperature gives invalid results at 77 K. This error is found to result from the incorrect assumption that the channel resistance is a linear function of effective channel length for the values of gate overdrive normally used for the(More)
Micromixing technology has experienced rapid development in the past few years. Micromixers represent one of the essential components in integrated microfluidic systems for chemical, biological and medical applications In general, macro-scale mixing is achieved with turbulence while mixing in micro-scale is done by diffusion. This is due to low Reynolds(More)
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