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Believing that p, assuming that p, and imagining that p involve regarding p as true—or, as we shall call it, accepting p. What distinguishes belief from the other modes of acceptance? We claim that conceiving of an attitude as a belief, rather than an assumption or an instance of imagining, entails conceiving of it as an acceptance that is regulated for(More)
The reinforcing effects of alprazolam were investigated in 14 patients who had generalized anxiety or panic disorder, but were not current users/abusers of other psychoactive substances. Using a double-blind outpatient choice procedure, color-coded alprazolam (0.5 mg) and placebo capsules were provided to patients for use 'as needed' in the treatment of(More)
O (%"(./+ you are o0ered a large sum of money to intend on Tuesday to drink toxin on Wednesday. The toxin will make you ill if you drink it, but you only have to intend to drink it in order to receive the money. Obviously, it is desirable for you to intend to drink the toxin, yet this fact seems incapable of moving you to so intend. Why is this so? 1 Does(More)
When we deliberate about what to believe, considerations relevant to what is true play a special role in motivating us to believe or not believe one thing or another. This special role should be understood, according to Nishi Shah, in terms of the phenomenon of transparency. Shah takes transparency as the base of an inference to the best explanation, whose(More)
Normal human adults have beliefs and intentions upon which they act. But other creatures have functionally similar states. Think of a cat stalking a mouse. It is quite natural to describe the cat as believing that the mouse is around the corner, having the goal of catching it, and racing around the corner in order to pounce on it. Unlike cats and other(More)
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common arrhythmia in adults associated with thromboembolic complications. External electrical cardioversion (DCCV) is a safe procedure used to convert AF to normal sinus rhythm. We sought to study factors that affect utilization of DCCV in hospitalized patients with AF. The study sample was drawn from the Nationwide Inpatient(More)