Nishi Kanta Ray

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OBJECTIVE The authors examined rates of use restraint and seclusion during September 1992 in 125 psychiatric settings in New York State. METHODS Psychiatric centers and general hospitals with psychiatric services were surveyed by mail about use of restraint and seclusion during a one-month period and about facility characteristics. Four measures of use of(More)
Potential derived (PD) point charges and segmental multipole moments are calculated for water, uracil, thymine, and cytosine using STO-3G quality wave functions. The PD point charges are used to estimate the electrostatic interaction energies for a series of complexes of water with these nucleic acid bases. It is shown here that the results obtained using(More)
This article reviews eight programs in New York State that provide parenting training and direct assistance to parents who are mentally retarded. Common lessons learned by the programs are discussed and guidelines are set forth on staffing, family enrollment and retention, service provision, and risk-management practices for work with similar clients. The(More)
A practical framework for program administrators seeking to improve the effectiveness of their incident reporting and investigation procedures and practices was provided. Too often, these systems, which are designed by outside parties, are viewed by program administrators as instruments of risk exposure rather than viable tools for risk management and(More)
Sir,?There is an impression amongst the visitors to Parjeeling that the water supplies contain mica, and is sometimes suggested that mica in the drinking Water causes irritation of the intestinal mucosa, with resultant diarrhoea. The water supply of Darjeeling is obtained from a number of perennial springs on the western slope of the Senchal range. The(More)
Ab initio electrostatic potentials obtained using STO-3G wavefunctions for guanine, cytosine, adenine, and thymine are used to calculate potential-derived (PD) point charges for these base components. Calculated PD point charges are used to estimate the electrostatic contributions to hydrogen-bonding and stacking interaction energies of ten sequence(More)
Mulliken's atomic changes (MC) and potential derived (PD) point charges obtained from STO-3G wave functions are used to study the electrostatic interaction energies for a series of representative hydrogen-bonded complexes. The results of the above-mentioned models are compared with the more accurate results of segmental multipole moment (SMM) expansion,(More)
In the manufacture of the alcoholic liquor the starchy portion is first converted into sugars which are next fermented. These changes are brought, about by the activity of various moulds and yeasts, and a culture of these organisms is supplied in the form of murcha prepared from several ingredients. C. M. Hutchinson and C. S. Ram Ayyar describe the(More)