Nishat Sharma

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Five different agricultural wastes viz. rice bran oil cake, soya bean oil cake, cotton seed oil cake, mustard seed oil cake and corn steep liquor (CSL) were evaluated for their use as nutrient along with 15% (w/v) glucose as carbon source for biosynthesis of pullulan using Aureobasidium pullulans RBF 4A3. Among the selected agricultural wastes, CSL was(More)
BACKGROUND Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have found wide range of applications in electronics, biomedical engineering, and chemistry owing to their exceptional opto-electrical properties. Biological synthesis of gold nanoparticles by using plant extracts and microbes have received profound interest in recent times owing to their potential to produce(More)
BACKGROUND Ever increasing demand for fossil fuels is a major factor for rapid depletion of these non-renewable energy resources, which has enhanced the interest of finding out alternative sources of energy. In recent years jatropha seed oil has been used extensively for production of bio-diesel and has shown significant potential to replace petroleum fuels(More)
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