Nishant Zachariah

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We characterize the contrast behavior of substantia nigra (SN) in both magnetization transfer (MT) imaging, which is believed to be sensitive to neuromelanin (NM), and susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI). Images were acquired with a MT prepared dual echo gradient echo sequence. The first echo was taken as the MT contrast image and the second was used to(More)
Steroid-responsive behaviors have been reported in various species; however, the reports thus far on the male Asian elephant (bull) during musth are few in number and most have been conducted on single captive animals for short time periods. The purpose of this investigation was to perform a longitudinal study on steroid-responsive behavior in 3 male Asian(More)
  • J Mukharji, N Y Zachariah, Z H Chakmakjian, G J Race
  • 1983
A fast and convenient method is described for the determination of estrogen receptors (ERs). This method involves the use of rabbit uterus as a standard. ER content of the rabbit uterus powder was determined using the conventional methods, i.e., Scatchard plot and sucrose density gradient methods. The rabbit uterus cytosol was serially diluted to give a(More)
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