Nishant Kejriwal

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In this paper, we look into the problem of loop closure detection in topological mapping. The bag of words (BoW) is a popular approach which is fast and easy to implement, but suffers from perceptual aliasing, primarily due to vector quantization. We propose to overcome this limitation by incorporating the spatial co-occurrence information directly into the(More)
Tracking a human in a video sequence is an important function of a human-following robot. This paper aims at developing a robust vision-based algorithm using point-based features, like SURF, which can track a human under challenging conditions including variation in illumination, pose change, full or partial occlusion and abrupt camera motion. Since the(More)
This paper describes a Virtual Reality (VR) based system for automating data collection and surveying in a retail store using mobile robots. The manpower cost for surveying and monitoring the shelves in retail stores are high, because of which these activities are not repeated frequently causing reduced customer satisfaction and loss of revenue. Further,(More)
In this paper, we provide details of implementing a system for managing a fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) operating in a factory or a warehouse premise. While the robots are themselves autonomous in its motion and obstacle avoidance capability, the target destination for each robot is provided by a global planner. The global planner and the ground(More)
Detecting and tracking a human from a mobile robot platform has several applications in service robotics where a robot is expected to assist humans. In this paper, we propose a novel interest point-based algorithm that can track a human reliably under several challenging situations like variation in illumination, pose change, scaling, camera motion and(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel method for obtaining product count directly from images recorded using a monocular camera mounted on a mobile robot. This has application in robot-based retail stock assessment problem where a mobile robot is used for monitoring the stock levels on the shelves of a retail store. The products are recognized by carrying out a(More)
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