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BACKGROUND Inositol is an essential nutrient required by human cells in culture for growth and survival. Inositol promotes maturation of several components of surfactant and may play a critical role in fetal and early neonatal life. OBJECTIVES To assess the effectiveness and safety of supplementary inositol in preterm infants with or without respiratory(More)
We report the case of a male, low birth weight, stillborn fetus of 36 weeks gestation with limb body wall complex. An interesting and rare feature noted in the propositus was the absence of the left subclavian artery and complete absence of the left upper limb. These findings seem to favor the vascular theory in the pathogenesis of this condition.
Objective:To examine the association between histological chorioamnionitis (HC) with or without fetal inflammatory response (FIR) and bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) in preterm infants.Study Design:We conducted a retrospective cohort study of infants born at <29 weeks gestation admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit from 2000 to 2006, who had(More)
A 6 year old girl woke up with pain and increasing swelling over the left hand and difficulty in breathing. On examination, she had swelling of the left forearm and hand, flaccid quadriparesis and was in respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. Two clean puncture wounds were identified on the left thumb. A provisional diagnosis of snake bite(More)
Shock is characterized by inadequate oxygen delivery to the tissues, and is more frequent in very low birth weight infants, especially in the first few days of life. Shock is an independent predictor of mortality, and the survivors are at a higher risk of neurologic impairment. Understanding the pathophysiology helps to recognize and classify shock in the(More)
BACKGROUND Almost all presently available pediatric echocardiography Z-score nomograms are based on Western data. They may not be a suitable reference standard for assessing the sizes of cardiac structures of children from developing countries. OBJECTIVE This study's objective was to collect normative data of 21 commonly measured cardiovascular structures(More)
Perinatal Lethal Gaucher Disease (PLGD) is a rare form of Gaucher disease and is often considered a distinct form of type 2 Gaucher disease. The authors report on an infant who presented with progressive hepatosplenomegaly, ichthyosis, generalized skin edema and neonatal encephalopathy and died at 6 h of age. Autopsy revealed massive hepatosplenomegaly,(More)