Nisha Giridharan

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Bacteria encounter environmental stresses that regulate a gene expression program required for adaptation and survival. Here, we report the 1.8-Å crystal structure of the Escherichia coli toxin-antitoxin complex YafQ-(DinJ)2-YafQ, a key component of the stress response. The antitoxin DinJ dimer adopts a ribbon-helix-helix motif required for transcriptional(More)
Thein vitro inhibition of several rat testis dehydrogenases by gossyPol was examined. Inclusion of the coenzyme (substrate for NADP+-isocitrate dehydrogenase) in the Preincubation mixture containing the enzyme and gossyPol, Protected the enzymes against inhibition by gossyPol. Lactic dehydrogenase-X was amongst the least Protected enzymes. This, couPled(More)
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