Nise Yamaguchi

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Purpose: We had previously shown in acute leukemia and in breast and ovary carcinoma patients that a cholesterol-rich emulsion (LDE) that binds to receptors for low-density lipoprotein (LDL) may concentrate in neoplastic tissues. In this study, the potential of LDE as a carrier for anticancer drugs was investigated. Methods: LDE was associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple primary cancer (MPC) has been recognized as a problem commonly encountered in routine medical practice. A study of MPC is necessary not only to provide insights into the etiology of cancer, but also to provide information for effective medical care by clinical oncologists. METHODS A cohort of 49,751 cancer patients who were admitted to(More)
In recent years, with the rise of immunotherapeutic agents for cancer treatment, we have observed a paradigm shift in oncology drug development. One common problem accompanying such paradigm shifts is how to build research strategies to fit the mechanism of action of the newer compounds. Developing immunotherapy in oncology requires us to address the unique(More)
Epidemiologic approaches to multiple primary cancer (MPC) have been reviewed from the standpoints of validity of study design and statistical efficiency. It was shown that the expected number of MPC is often over- or underestimated when the person-year method is used in calculation. This so-called detection bias becomes stronger the poorer the prognosis of(More)
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