Nisar Haider Zaidi

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We have assessed the measurement of oxygen saturation (SaO2) as a means of detecting aspiration in patients with stroke. For 10 weeks all acute stroke [AS] admissions were seen within 48 hours. Basal SaO2 was measured by pulse oximetry. Patients swallowed 10ml water while sitting up and SaO2 was noted for 2 minutes. Two control groups [young, fit (YF) and(More)
Objective: To present a case of spontaneous perforation of colon. Introduction: Spontaneous perforation of colon (SPC) is defined as sudden perforation of apparently healthy colon in absence of diseases or injury. SPC is an uncommon clinical entity which is seldom reported in literature, less than 100 cases were reported. Case report: A 82-year-old(More)
Recurrent idiopathic pancreatitis is an uncommon disease. We are presenting a case of Taenia saginata causing pancreatitis, which is rare in the literature. A 40 years old female was admitted to our hospital with complaints of epigastric pain for 6 months, radiating to the back, combined with nausea, vomiting and significant weight loss. On examination, she(More)
Objectives: To report rare metastasis in breast from rectal cancer. Case Report: A 47-year-old married lady who presented with rectal bleeding for six weeks and diagnosed as a case of adenocarcinoma with no metastasis underwent neoadjuvent radiotherapy and chemotherapy and then abdominoperineal resection on follow-up found to have left breast mass and skin(More)
Colonic pseudo-obstruction is a condition of distention of colon with signs and symptoms of colonic obstruction in the absence of an actual mechanical cause of obstruction. It is a poorly understood disease that is characterized by functional large bowel obstruction. Intestinal pseudo-obstruction was described in 1938 by the German surgeon W. Weiss who(More)
Background: To determine the usefulness of metallic stent in advanced oesophageal malignancies. Methods: In a retrospective study conducted at the Endoscopy Unit of King Abdulaziz University Hospital, patients underwent stent placement, with or without palliative radiotherapy for inoperable esophageal cancer, during the period spanning January 2010 through(More)
Objectives: To evaluate breast lumpectomy margins by frozen section in breast conservation surgery. Methods: A retrospective study of frozen section of lumpectomy margins of one hundred ten patients was done at King Abdulaziz University Hospital from June 2007 to June 2013. All patients underwent lumpectomy + Sentinel lymph node biopsy. Patient records were(More)
Purpose: To evaluate Charcot neuroarthropathy in diabetic foot patients at tertiary hospital. Methods and Material: It is a retrospective study from 2005 to 2015 of Charcot foot patients in diabetic patients admitted in King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Sixty-four patients were admitted as diabetic foot disease and were studied by(More)
Background: Abdominal cocoon is a rare disease where small intestine is enclosed in a membrane and commonly presents with features of bowel obstruction. Case Reports: We present two cases: one 28 years old male presented with abdominal pain and was diagnosed as abdominal cocoon at laparotomy; and another 81 years old female, a case of sigmoid cancer, was(More)
Objective: To assess the role of antero-lateral thigh flaps in coverage in cases with traumatic injury to the upper limb. Methods: A total of fifteen cases of upper limb trauma were studied between May 2014 and February 2016. Antero-lateral thigh flaps were performed to cover post traumatic upper limb soft tissue defects. Brachial interposition grafts were(More)
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