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This paper presents a novel current-mode (CM) second-order filtering configuration capable of realizing two filtering functions simultaneously. The circuit employs a single current differencing transconductance amplifier (CDTA), two capaci-tors and a resistor. The circuit can realize highpass (HP) and bandpass (BP) filtering responses simultaneously and(More)
The paper presents a new voltage-mode (VM) high input impedance filter having a single input and four low impedance outputs. The proposed circuit employs four current feedback amplifiers (CFAs) and six passive elements, four of them are grounded and enjoys the following advantages: simultaneous realisation of lowpass (LP), bandpass (BP), highpass (HP) and(More)
A novel current-mode active-only single-input and three-output (SITO) universal filter using three plus-type second-generation current-controlled conveyors (CCCIIs), one operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) and two operational amplifiers (OAs) is presented. The circuit is fully programmable and implements simultaneously lowpass (LP), bandpass(More)
Integrated filter circuit design resulted in desire for replacement of Inductors by active elements like Operational Amplifiers which led to the introduction of active filters. Active filter design has evolved over a period of time. Starting with OP AMPs, we have witnessed phenomenal growth of active component usage in filter design and development catering(More)
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