Nisaar Hussain

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A practical technique has been developed for the determinations of (234)Th simultaneously with (210)Po and (210)Pb in seawater samples, which greatly simplifies the on-board chemical procedures and enables an accurate correction of (234)Th ingrowth. A unique feature of this technique lies in the exact determination of co-precipitated (238)U following(More)
The current study was aimed to formulate a continuous release mucoadhesive buccal tablet containing propranolol HCl. The type and quantities of polymers as well as method of compression were set in a preliminary study (F1-F13). Direct compression method was employed in the main study (F14-F24) using Carbopol 934P (CP), ethylcellulose (EC), sodium alginate(More)
An improved and time efficient technique has been developed for quantitative determination of the long-lived (222)Rn daughters ((210)Pb, (210)Po and (210)Bi) in atmospheric and oceanic samples. The sample is first spiked with yield tracers for polonium (208 or 209), bismuth (207), and lead (stable lead carrier). These nuclides may then be scavenged through(More)
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