Nirwan Inderadjaja

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Inverted papilloma of the urinary tract is a rare tumor that consists of uniform urothelial cells with an inverted configuration and a normal urothelial lining. Despite several published reports, the prognostic significance and the potential biologic behavior remain uncertain. We detail a case of synchronous inverted papilloma of the urinary bladder and the(More)
A 76-year-old female, presented with a recurrent cough and haemoptysis after an aspiration of a 'grain de Valls'. Chest radiography and computed tomography demonstrated an atelectasis of the medial segment of the right middle pulmonary lobe. Bronchoscopy was negative for any malignancy but the onco-PET-scan showed a pathologic hypermetabolic lesion in the(More)
A 20-month-old mentally retarded girl developed an acute upper respiratory infection, followed by breathing difficulties, leading to death. Picorna virus-like particles were demonstrated in a mildly affected quadriceps femoris muscle biopsy, while the necropsy findings demonstrated an acute polymyositis with predominant diaphragm involvement. The mental(More)
A case, which is clinically characterized by a subacute vertebrobasilar syndrome, is presented. The necropsy reveals multiple infarcts in brainstem, cerebellum and left cerebral hemisphere, due to tumoural emboli of a non-detected primary tumour. It is postulated that the latter has to originate in the lungs in order to produce this unique type of cerebral(More)
We report a case of an allergic hypersensitivity reaction on azathioprine presenting with colitis. Allergic reactions on azathioprine are common in patient with inflammatory bowel disease. The clinic of the allergic reaction on azathioprine in our patient was atypical in the way it mimicked an acute exacerbation of inflammatory bowel disease. The(More)
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