Nirvana Moroni

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Pregabalin (PRE) acts as a presynaptic inhibitor of the release of excessive levels of excitatory neurotransmitters by selectively binding to the alpha(2)-delta subunit of voltage-gated calcium channels. In this randomised, double-blind comparison trial with naltrexone (NAL), we aimed to investigate the efficacy of PRE on alcohol drinking indices. Craving(More)
INTRODUCTION Oxcarbazepine (OXC) reduces high-voltage-activated calcium currents, thus reducing glutamatergic transmission at corticostriatal synapses. This effect on NMDA glutamatergic transmission may play a role against the increased glutamatergic transmission determined by alcohol withdrawal. To investigate the efficacy and safety of OXC in relapse(More)
Fifty cases of Hodgkin's disease in intravenous drug users (IVDU) have been collected by the Italian Cooperative Group on AIDS-Related Tumors (G.I.C.A.T.). Ninety-two per cent of the patients were males; the median age was 26 years. Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy (PGL) at onset was present in 54% of patients, AIDS in 9%, ARC in 9% while 28% were(More)
Intrahepatic and subcapsular hematomas are described as complications of percutaneous liver biopsy. Even though, its incidence is not clearly established. Through this study we try to set which is the real incidence of this complication in our medium. To comply with this, we control our patients by ultrasonography before, after, and even seven days after(More)
Female pseudohermaphroditism is an intersexual state distinguished by virilized external genitals and secondary sex characters in a XX subject. We report a case of female pseudohermaphroditism diagnosed later on the discovery of an abdominal mass, then revealed to be an enormous ovarian cyst. Hormonal dosages suggested the presence of partial surrenalic(More)
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