Nirush Lertprasertsuke

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Lung cancer is a major cause of cancer-related death in developed countries, and its incidence in developing countries is increasing. In Thailand, cancer incidences differ greatly from region to region, and lung cancer is the most common cancer in the northern Thai population. The polymorphic frequency of 10 genetic susceptibility genes and their(More)
INTRODUCTION The diagnosis of tuberculous peritonitis is still challenging and very important. Early and accurate diagnosis leads to an effective therapy and good survival rates. With the widespread use of computed tomography (CT) in the abdomen, it is important to be familiar with the spectrum of CT appearances seen in tuberculous peritonitis. Our(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a potent mitogen for endothelial cells, and its expression has been correlated with increased tumour angiogenesis. Although numerous publications dealing with the measurement of circulating VEGF for diagnostic and therapeutic monitoring have been published, the relationship between the production of tissue VEGF(More)
Two cases of latent perianal Paget's disease associated with mucin-producing papillary adenocarcinoma of the rectum are described. In both cases, the rectal tumors appeared as polypoid lesions located just above the dentate line. The adjacent anal squamous mucosa showed lateral invasion of alcianophilic mucin-containing Paget cells. Mucin histochemistry(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with completely resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) have an excellent outcome; however tumor recurs in 30%-77% of patients. This study retrospectively analyzed the clinicopathologic features of patients with any operable stage of NSCLC to identify the prognostic factors that influence tumor recurrence, including intratumoral(More)
The water extract from Coscinium fenestratum (Gaertn.) Colebr. (CF extract) was tested for hypotensive and vasorelaxant effects. Acute and subchronic toxicity as well as motor activity of CF extract were also evaluated. The present study demonstrates that CF extract is effective in reducing blood pressure in anesthetized normotensive rats. This effect is(More)
Acute and subchronic toxicities of Chantaleela recipe were studied in both male and female rats. Oral administration of the extract at a single dose of 5,000 mg/kg body weight (5 females, 5 males) did not produce signs of toxicity, behavioral changes, mortality or differences on gross appearance of internal organs. The subchronic toxicity was determined by(More)
A 60-year-old woman complaining of cervical lymphadenopathy was admitted to Keiyu General Hospital, Yokohama. Malignant lymphoma involving systemic lymph nodes and the bilateral tonsils was suspected by computed tomography. The biopsy diagnosis of the cervical lymph nodes was B-cell lymphoma, diffuse medium-sized cell type. The cleaved centrocytic lymphoma(More)
To assess the efficacy of rebamipide therapy in chronic gastritis patients with refractory dyspeptic symptoms, we enrolled 30 patients with chronic gastritis nonresponsive to the antisecretory medications, proton pump inhibitors. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy was performed in all patients to confirm and evaluate the severity of gastritis by gastric(More)
BACKGROUND The roles of excision repair cross-complementing group 1 gene (ERCC1) expression and ribonucleotide reductase subunit M1 gene (RRM1) expression in completely resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) are still debatable. Previous studies have shown that both genes affected the overall survival and outcomes of patients who received(More)