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We present a new active active recognition scheme (using an uncalibrated camera) based on a new idea, appearance-based aspect graphs. The scheme is robust to background clutter, and affine transformations of the object. We use a probabilistic reasoning framework which helps in probability calculations and planning the next view (when a view of the object(More)
Federal policy often institutes uniform pricing across regions in the name of fairness. I study the unintended consequences of such uniform pricing in the context of the residential mortgage market, which is heavily influenced by the securitization policies of the government sponsored enterprises (GSEs). I show that the regional uniformity of GSE-conforming(More)
The benefits of homeownership feature prominently in the academic and policy discussions alike. Increasing homeownership has been a major policy goal for decades, especially in low-income areas. We show that the positive relationship between homeownership and intergenerational mobility is highly place-dependent. First, we link commuting zone-level(More)
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