Nirupama Kasturi

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Intestinal involvement in Schistosoma mansoni infection is usually confined to the ileum and colon. Duodenal infestation was diagnosed in a patient with recurrent schistosomiasis despite treatment who presented with a postoperative small bowel fistula. Duodenal schistosomiasis can be suspected on endoscopy, but must always be confirmed by biopsy.
A 26-year-old male vitiliginous patient presented with decreased visual acuity because of a central scotoma in the left eye with no significant retinal changes on fundus examination. In this case report, a diagnosis of possible drug-induced premaculopathy was made, and the drugs were withdrawn. On the follow-up, after 3 months, the visual acuity in the left(More)
PURPOSE Ocular manifestations in snake-bite injuries are quite rare. However, the unusual presentations, diagnosis and their management can pose challenges when they present to the ophthalmologist. Early detection of these treatable conditions can prevent visual loss in these patients who are systemically unstable and are unaware of their ocular condition.(More)
Anterior plagiocephaly due to unicoronal craniosynostosis is commonly associated with an ipsilateral hypertropia and a contralateral head tilt. The ipsilateral superior oblique weakness has been attributed to the shortening of the orbital roof with retroplacement of the trochlea, and to heterotopic positioning of the vertical rectus muscles within the(More)
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) affects the eye as part of the disease or due to the drugs used in therapy. Ocular involvement is seen in one third of the patients with SLE. SLE is rare in India and found less frequently in males and children. SLE retinopathy is usually bilateral. We report an unusual case of unilateral macular infarction in a boy caused(More)
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