Nirupama Chatterjee

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Stress induced premature senescence (SIPS) in mammalian cells is an accelerated ageing response and experimentally obtained on treatment of cells with high concentrations of H(2)O(2), albeit at sub-lethal doses, because H(2)O(2) gets depleted by abundant cellular catalase. In the present study diperoxovanadate (DPV) was used as it is known to be stable at(More)
Sirtuins belong to a class of NAD-dependent deacetylases, and include seven distinct isoforms, of which SIRT7 is the least studied member. In the present study, the subcellular expression of SIRT7 in primary fibroblasts undergoing senescence was evaluated by immunocytochemistry and immunoblot assay. Expression of nucleolar SIRT7 in young fibroblast was very(More)
A state of permanent growth arrest characterises a senescent cell. Both the beneficial and deleterious effects that have accrued in senescent cells are observed in a complex organ, such as the liver. Injury to liver tissues triggers processes of regeneration and associated wound healing. Persistent injury can also lead to the neoplastic state. Recent(More)
Hydrogen peroxide is often required in sublethal, millimolar concentrations to show its oxidant effects on cells in culture as it is easily destroyed by cellular catalase. Previously, we had shown that diperoxovanadate, a physiologically stable peroxovanadium compound, can substitute H2O2 effectively in peroxidation reactions. We report here that(More)
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