Nirmalya Manna

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Menstrual hygiene is an issue that is insufficiently acknowledged. Menstruation and menstrual practices are still clouded by taboos and socio-cultural restrictions resulting in adolescent girls remaining ignorant of the scientific facts and hygienic health practices, which sometimes result into adverse health outcomes. The present study was designed to(More)
BACKGROUND The medical and economic problem of thalassaemia are considered to be a vast public health problem in the thalassaemia belt countries, emphasizing more on prenatal diagnosis as the solution of the problem. METHODS A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in the Institute of Haematology & Transfusion Medicine located in Medical College,(More)
Due to the limitations in single layer ANN researchers started losing interest in ANN during 1970s. Later on the development of multiple layer neural networks led to the development of many efficient techniques to recognize hand written/printed characters with great accuracies and also making the technology complex and costly. In this paper an effort was(More)
AIM There are many women "missing" due to an unfavourable sex ratio in India, which has strong patriarchal norms and a preference for sons. Female gender discrimination has been reported in health care, nutrition, education, and resource allocation due to man-made norms, religious beliefs, and recently by ultrasonography resulting in lowered sex ratio. (More)
BACKGROUND Cold chain maintenance is an essential activity to maintain the potency of vaccines and to prevent adverse events following immunization. One baseline study highlighted the unsatisfactory cold chain status in city of Kolkata in India. OBJECTIVES To assess the changes which occurred in the cold chain status after the intervention undertaken to(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Noise is a major health threat in occupations where its level exceeds the permissible level (90dB). Most serious health effect is Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Objective of the present study was to find out any relationship between occupational noise exposure and hearing impairment of the employees in a heavy engineering(More)
BACKGROUND In India, substance abuse has infiltrated all socio-cultural and economic strata causing loss of productivity. Prevention of relapse is crucial for its control. OBJECTIVES To find out the pattern of substance use, relapse rate, its association with various socio-demographic factors and treatment related issues. METHODS An observational study(More)
BACKGROUND Geriatric population and chronic diseases are increasing throughout the world especially in developing countries like India. Because of social change and urbanization, disability is also a problem in India. As the major reasons for geriatric disabilities are chronic diseases, a study was undertaken. OBJECTIVES To find out the prevalence of(More)
Disaster-affected populations are highly vulnerable to outbreaks of measles. Therefore, a mass vaccination against measles was conducted in Aila cyclone-affected blocks of West Bengal, India in July 2009. The objectives of the present report were to conduct an in depth analysis of the campaign, and to discuss the major challenges. A block level micro-plan,(More)