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Twenty-one healthy normocholesterolemic young adults, men and women, completed a randomized 30-d/30-d crossover comparison of the effect of palmolein and olive oil on plasma lipids. The subjects were free-living volunteers who changed to low-fat diets to which one of the test oils was added (used as a spread, for baking, or for frying) in turn. Complete(More)
Evidence assembled here indicates that when olive oil forms a major part of dietary fat in controlled human experiments, total and LDL-cholesterols are somewhat higher than when the same amount of fat is one of the modern predominantly monounsaturated oils: low erucic rapeseed or high oleic sunflower oil. Oils rich in monounsaturated fatty acids thus do not(More)
Mouse oocytes enclosed in cumulus cells were isolated from antral follicles at the germinal vesicle (GV) stage. They were stored in straws at -196 degrees C by a conventional mouse embryo freezing method using dimethylsulphoxide (1.5 M) as the cryoprotectant. Overall survival assessed after removal of the cumulus cells was 93% (299/320). A significantly(More)
Cyclic nucleotides can relax smooth muscle without a change in [Ca2+]i, a phenomenon termed Ca2+ desensitization, contributing to vasodilation, gastrointestinal motility, and airway resistance. The physiological importance of telokin, a 17-kDa smooth muscle-specific protein and target for cyclic nucleotide-induced Ca2+ desensitization, was determined in(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the influence of parboiling, amylose content and gelatinisation temperature of rice on the postprandial blood glucose and insulin responses in non-insulin-dependent diabetic (NIDDM) subjects. DESIGN AND SUBJECTS Twelve NIDDM subjects ingested high (27%) and low amylose content five test meals of 50 g available carbohydrates as white(More)
A single blood cholesterol measurement may not accurately reflect an individual's true mean concentration. If duplicate blood samples are taken, what number of days between sampling gives the best chance of detecting the maximum within-subject variation? In this study, we analyzed 20 serial blood samples obtained from each of 13 healthy, menstruating women(More)
Plasma cholesterol is believed to vary more in women than in men, with the menstrual cycle, yet our review of the literature found no consistent pattern. We examined variations in plasma lipoproteins in relation to ovarian hormones in 12 healthy, menstruating women. Twenty fasting blood samples were obtained on alternate days over one menstrual cycle;(More)
Very little protein tyrosine phosphorylation was observed in growing (exponential-phase) Entamoeba histolytica cells by immunoblotting and quantitative immunofluorescence. After 1 h of serum deprivation, two proteins (42 and 38 kDa in SDS-PAGE) were tyrosine phosphorylated and two more proteins (96 and 63 kDa) also showed tyrosine phosphorylation when(More)
We previously found no difference in healthy young adults' plasma cholesterols between palmolein and olive oil as the major dietary lipid, although the former is high in palmitic acid (16:0) but the latter in oleic acid (18:1 cis). In the experiment reported here we compared the effects of palmolein against another monounsaturated oil, highly oleic(More)
An active cellulolytic culture was obtained following growth of the Cellulomonas strain CS1-17 for 24 h at 32° C on 1 or 2% alkali pretreated sugar cane bagasse. Environmental conditions were then varied to favour reducing sugar accumulation from fresh alkali pretreated bagasse added to the 24 h culture medium at 75 g/l. After incubation for an additional(More)