Nirmalya Chandra

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It is difficult but not impossible to determine a macromolecular structure using X-ray data obtained from twinned crystals, providing it is noticed and corrected. For perfectly twinned crystals, the structure can probably only be solved by molecular replacement. It is possible to detect and characterize twinning from an analysis of the intensity statistics(More)
The method of Least Square is a technique to point out the best selective line among the corresponding data sequences. In this paper we generalized a virtual structure as well as truthful block diagram of first order adaptive delta sigma modulator. It is shown how the MSE algorithm can be utilized in delta sigma modulation. Simulation result show that the(More)
In this paper, step-stress accelerated life test strategy is considered in obtaining the failure time data of the highly reliable items or units or equipment in a specified period of time. It is assumed that life time data of such items follows a Rayleigh distribution with a scale parameter () θ which is the log linear function of the stress levels. The(More)
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