Nirmalya Chandra

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Seventy genotypes belonging to 7 wild and cultivated Vigna species were genetically differentiated using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD), universal rice primer (URP) and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. We identified RAPD marker, OPG13 which produced a species-specific fingerprint profile. This primer characterized all the Vigna species(More)
The paper presents the various attacks that are prevailing on the routers and are affecting the integrity of the data being transferred through the route. The main focus will be on the improvisation of security trends applied to keep the data as well as the route through which its transferring secure enough so that it does not face any threat. The paper(More)
A PN sequence is a reference signal simulating the random samples of discrete digital information and generates the samples in a specific manner so that it follows the correlation property. A correlation and maximal length sequence of pseudo-random signals is the basis of spread spectrum communication systems intern CDMA. In this paper we examine a(More)
The method of Least Square is a technique to point out the best selective line among the corresponding data sequences. In this paper we generalized a virtual structure as well as truthful block diagram of first order adaptive delta sigma modulator. It is shown how the MSE algorithm can be utilized in delta sigma modulation. Simulation result show that the(More)
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