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The present study refers to an analysis of eighty cases of depression. The annual incidence in our psychiatric population ranges from 17-20% of all the new psychiatric cases. The peak incidence was observed in the age group of 26-45 years, without any particular affinity to either sex. 83.8% of our sample were married and those hailing from nuclear families(More)
In Tamil Nadu, indigenous Siddha medicine (SM) is officially recognized and extensively used. Yet very little research information or published material is available on the extent of utilization behaviour of Siddha medicine in urban settings. This study examines the current patterns of utilization and consumer behavioural characteristics of SM through a(More)
In an anonymous 4-person economic game, participants contributed more money to a common project (i.e., cooperated) when required to decide quickly than when forced to delay their decision (Rand, Greene & Nowak, 2012), a pattern consistent with the social heuristics hypothesis proposed by Rand and colleagues. The results of studies using time pressure have(More)
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