Nirmala Narayan Rege

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BACKGROUND Treatment of memory impairment associated with dementia such as Alzheimer's disease is still inadequate and requires development of new drugs. OBJECTIVE The objective was to evaluate the memory enhancing effect of Celastrus paniculatus seed oil. MATERIALS AND METHODS C. paniculatus seed oil was mixed with equal amount of pure ghee and(More)
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) (WS), a "rasayana" drug, is recommended for balavardhan and mamsavardhan. The study was intended to evaluate dose-related tolerability, safety, and activity of WS formulation in normal individuals. The design was prospective, open-labeled, variable doses in volunteers. Eighteen apparently healthy volunteers (12M:6F,(More)
Acute necrotising pancreatitis is associated with an unacceptably high mortality for which no satisfactory remedy exists. Emblica officinalis (E.o.) is a plant prescribed in Ayurveda, the Indian traditional system of medicine, for pancreas-related disorders. This study was carried out to evaluate the protective effect of E.o. against acute necrotising(More)
BACKGROUND Saraswatarishta (SA) is a herbo-mineral formulation consisting of 18 plants some of which are Medhyarasayanas. It has been claimed to be useful in treating central nervous system disorders. OBJECTIVE To evaluate antidepressant effect of 'Saraswatarishta'(SA) alone and in combination with imipramine and fluoxetine in animal models of depression.(More)
BACKGROUND There has been a steady rise in number of patients suffering from dementia including dementia associated with Alzheimer's disease. Effective treatment of Alzheimer's disease dementia is an unmet medical need. OBJECTIVE To evaluate effects of formulation containing combination of Phyllanthus emblica (Pe) and Tinospora cordifolia (Tc) with and(More)
BACKGROUND The medical management of hemorrhoids should include an integrated approach. This integrated approach can be achieved by polyherbal formulations containing anti-inflammatory, styptics, analgesics, and laxative effect which reduce inflammation, pain, and bleeding, and increase gastro-intestinal motility and soften stools. One such polyherbal kit(More)
Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage (PTBD) is performed in surgical jaundice to decompress the biliary tree and improve hepatic functions. However, the risk of sepsis is high in these patients due to immunosuppression and surgical outcome remains poor. This raises a question--can we do away with PTBD? To answer this query a study was carried out in 4(More)
OBJECTIVES Underreporting and poor quality of adverse drug reaction (ADR) reports pose a challenge for the Pharmacovigilance Program of India. A module to impart knowledge and skills of ADR reporting to MBBS students was developed and evaluated. MATERIALS AND METHODS The module consisted of (a) e-mailing an ADR narrative and online filling of the(More)
BACKGROUND The present study was planned to assess effects of Maṇḍurabhasma (MB) on structural and functional integrity of small intestine using an animal model of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in rat. METHODS IDA was induced by giving iron deficient diet and retro-orbital bloodletting for 21 days in Wistar female rats. Rats (n = 72) were divided into six(More)