Nirmala Karunarathna

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Cullin-RING ubiquitin-protein ligases such as the Skp1, cullin, F-box protein (SCF) have been implicated in many growth and developmental processes in plants. Normal SCF function requires that the CUL1 subunit be post-translationally modified by related to ubiquitin (RUB), a protein related to ubiquitin. This process is mediated by two enzymes: the(More)
Several lines of evidence suggest that the circadian clock is constructed of multiple molecular feedback oscillators that function to generate robust rhythms in organisms. However, while core oscillator mechanisms driving specific behaviors are well described in several model systems, the nature of other potential circadian oscillators is not understood.(More)
Light and the circadian clock have a profound effect on the biology of organisms through the regulation of large sets of genes. Toward understanding how light and the circadian clock regulate gene expression, we used genome-wide approaches to identify the direct and indirect targets of the light-responsive and clock-controlled transcription factor ADV-1 in(More)
COPYRIGHT by Sampath Jayarathna 2010 v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, I would like to thank and appreciate my supervisor Dr. Oleg Komogortsev for his continuous support, guidance and supervision throughout my research project. A great part of my research project's success is due to his continuous guidance and critical comments. I also like to offer my(More)
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