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Cullin-RING ubiquitin-protein ligases such as the Skp1, cullin, F-box protein (SCF) have been implicated in many growth and developmental processes in plants. Normal SCF function requires that the CUL1 subunit be post-translationally modified by related to ubiquitin (RUB), a protein related to ubiquitin. This process is mediated by two enzymes: the(More)
COPYRIGHT by Sampath Jayarathna 2010 v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, I would like to thank and appreciate my supervisor Dr. Oleg Komogortsev for his continuous support, guidance and supervision throughout my research project. A great part of my research project's success is due to his continuous guidance and critical comments. I also like to offer my(More)
Light and the circadian clock have a profound effect on the biology of organisms through the regulation of large sets of genes. Toward understanding how light and the circadian clock regulate gene expression, we used genome-wide approaches to identify the direct and indirect targets of the light-responsive and clock-controlled transcription factor ADV-1 in(More)
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