Nirmal Thapa

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In 2010, we investigated anthrax outbreak in Bhutan. A total of 43 domestic animals died, and cutaneous anthrax developed in 9 persons, and 1 died. All affected persons had contact with the carcasses of infected animals. Comprehensive preparedness and response guidelines are needed to increase public awareness of anthrax in Bhutan.
The amount of data that is being produced has increased rapidly so has the various data mining methods with the aim of discovering hidden patterns and knowledge in the data. With this has raised the problem of confidential data being disclosed. This paper is an effort to not let those confidential data be disclosed. We apply constrained nonnegative matrix(More)
Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people are willing to buy products through Internet instead of physical stores. For promotional purposes, almost all online merchants provide product recommendations to their returning customers. Some of them ask professional recommendation service providers to help develop and(More)
In this pilot study, fecal samples were collected from community dogs around slaughterhouses and from the city of Thimphu (n=138) as well as from carnivores in the forest area around a farm in Bhutan (n=28). Samples were analyzed microscopically for the presence of taeniid eggs by the floatation and sieving method. Further molecular analyses of 20 samples(More)
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