Nirmal Kumar Mandal

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A community-based, cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted during June-July 2008 to assess the infant- and young child-feeding (IYCF) practices in Bankura district, West Bengal, India. In total, 647 children aged less than two years selected through revised 40-cluster sampling using the indicators of the Integrated Management of Neonatal and(More)
In this paper, a multi-item inventory model with space constraint is developed in both crisp and fuzzy environment. A profit maximization inventory model is proposed here to determine the optimal values of demands and order levels of a product. Selling price and unit price are assumed to be demand-dependent and holding and setup costs sock dependent. Total(More)
Authors are encouraged to submit article in MS Word (doc) and Acrobat (pdf) formats by Un ni iv ve er rs si it tá á d di i B Br re es sc ci ia a, , I It ta aly Sensors & Transducers Journal (ISSN 1726-5479) is a peer review international journal published monthly online by International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA). Available in electronic and(More)
A Production-Distribution inventory model with shortages and unit cost dependent demand has been formulated along with possible constraints. In most of the real world situations, the cost parameters are imprecise in nature. Hence, the unit cost is imposed here in fuzzy environment. Due to complexity, the proposed model has been solved by LINGO software. The(More)