Nirmal Kumar Mahapatra

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In this paper we have introduced the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy soft matrix and defined different types of matrices along with some new operations in the parlance of intuitionistic fuzzy soft set theory. Then based on some of these new matrix operations a new efficient methodology named as IFSM -Algorithm has been developed to solve intuitionistic(More)
This paper develops a single wholesaler and multi retailers mixture inventory distribution model for a single item involving controllable lead-time with backorder and lost sales. The retailers purchase their items from the wholesaler in lots at some intervals throughout the year to meet the customers’ demand. Not to loose the demands, the retailers offer a(More)
In this paper, production-inventory models for a deteriorating item in a single vendor-buyer system has been developed with constant production and demand rate. Shortages at the buyer (when it is allowed) depends on time. The models have been formulated as cost minimization problem via both integrated and non-integrated approaches and solved using genetic(More)
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