Nirit Egoz-Matia

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The rational design of amyloid oligomer inhibitors is yet an unmet drug development need. Previous studies have identified the role of tryptophan in amyloid recognition, association and inhibition. Furthermore, tryptophan was ranked as the residue with highest amyloidogenic propensity. Other studies have demonstrated that quinones, specifically(More)
The intracellular oligomerization of α-synuclein is associated with Parkinson's disease and appears to be an important target for disease-modifying treatment. Yet, to date, there is no specific inhibitor for this aggregation process. Using unbiased systematic peptide array analysis, we identified molecular interaction domains within the β-synuclein(More)
Coordinated locomotion of Drosophila larvae depends on accurate patterning and stable attachment to the cuticle of both muscles and proprioceptors (chordotonal organs). Unlike muscle spindles in mammals, the fly chordotonal organs are not embedded in the body-wall muscles. Yet, the contractile system (muscles and tendons) and the chordotonal organs(More)
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