Nirav Vakharia

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This study uses a spatially explicit microclimate/biophysical approach to examine the potential distribution of the Po'ouli on Maui to find either new habitats to search for existence or refine search efforts in previously occupied areas. We used specific physiological and behavioral ecology bird data, and Po'ouli morphological and spectral data obtained(More)
The United States healthcare system is highly inefficient, with high costs and suboptimal quality. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can help address the dual problems of high costs and poor quality in health care by improving communication between providers and health care facilities, decreasing errors, preventing duplicate test ordering, standardizing care(More)
Understanding resource utilization patterns among high-cost patients may inform cost reduction strategies. To identify patterns of high-cost healthcare utilization and associated clinical diagnoses and to quantify the significance of hot-spotters among high-cost users. Retrospective analysis of high-cost patients in 2012 using data from electronic medical(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop an electronic registry of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) treated in a nephrology practice in order to provide clinically meaningful measurement and population management to improve rates of blood pressure (BP) control. METHODS We combined data from multiple electronic sources: the billing system, structured fields in the(More)
Rates of preventable admissions will soon be publicly reported and used in calculating performance-based payments. The current method of assessing preventable admissions, the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Preventable Quality Indicators (PQI) rate, is drawn from claims data and was originally designed to assess population-level access to(More)
A combination of bacteriocin, bacteriophage, and plasmid typing techniques was used to differentiate strains of Clostridium difficile. A typing set of 20 bacteriocin-producing strains was established after 400 isolates of C. difficile were screened for the ability to produce bacteriocin. These strains were used to type a collection of 114 isolates of C.(More)
BACKGROUND Defensive medicine represents one cause of economic losses in healthcare. Studies that measured its cost have produced conflicting results. OBJECTIVE To directly measure the proportion of primary care costs attributable to defensive medicine. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Six-week prospective study of primary care physicians from four(More)
I n recent years, American hospitals have invested substantial resources in initiatives to reduce their readmission rates. For many, the cost of these efforts outweighs the financial penalties that these same hospitals would have faced under Medicare’s Readmissions Reduction program. The article on readmissions patterns by Suter et al. in this issue of JGIM(More)
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