Nirav Merchant

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The iPlant Collaborative (iPlant) is a United States National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project that aims to create an innovative, comprehensive, and foundational cyberinfrastructure in support of plant biology research (PSCIC, 2006). iPlant is developing cyberinfrastructure that uniquely enables scientists throughout the diverse fields that comprise(More)
Flybrain is designed to provide access to a range of anatomical data relevant to the structure and function of the Drosophila nervous system. It can be accessed via the World Wide Web (WWW) from servers in Glas-gow Drosophila is a well-established model system for the study of nervous system structure, development, and function. Compared with the brain of(More)
Jetstream will be the first production cloud resource supporting general science and engineering research within the XD ecosystem. In this report we describe the motivation for proposing Jetstream, the configuration of the Jetstream system as funded by the NSF, the team that is implementing Jetstream, and the communities we expect to use this new system.(More)
The iPlant Collaborative provides life science research communities access to comprehensive, scalable, and cohesive computational infrastructure for data management; identity management; collaboration tools; and cloud, high-performance, high-throughput computing. iPlant provides training, learning material, and best practice resources to help all(More)
Data produced from the MudPIT analysis of yeast (S. cerevisiae) and rice (O. sativa) were used to develop a technique to validate single-peptide protein identifications using complementary database search algorithms. This results in a considerable reduction of overall false-positive rates for protein identifications; the overall false discovery rates in(More)
The cloud platform complements traditional compute and storage infrastructures by introducing capabilities for efficiently provisioning resources in a self-service, on-demand manner. The new provisioning model promises to accelerate scientific discovery by improving access to customizable and task-specific computing resources. This paradigm is well-suited,(More)
This paper introduces the iPlant Foundation API Data Services, a cloud-based, hosted solution for distributed data and metadata management in the iPlant Data Store. The iPlant Data Store is a virtual storage solution for over 7000 users providing seamless access to over 6PB of distributed storage within the iPlant cyberinfrastructure using command line(More)
The iPlant Collaborative is an academic consortium whose mission is to develop an informatics and social infrastructure to address the "grand challenges" in plant biology. Its cyberinfrastructure supports the computational needs of the research community and facilitates solving major challenges in plant science. The Discovery Environment provides a powerful(More)
The iPlant Collaborative is an NSF-funded cyberinfrastructure (CI) effort directed towards the plant sciences community. This paper enumerates the key concepts, middleware, tools, and extensions that create the unique capabilities of the iPlant Discovery Environment (DE) that provide access to our CI. The DE is a rich web-based application that brings(More)
We describe in this communication a set of functional perl script utilities for use in peptide mass spectral database searching and proteomics experiments, known as the Wildcat Toolbox. These are all freely available for download from our laboratory Web site ( as a combined zip file, and can also be accessed via(More)