Nirav H. Mehta

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BACKGROUND The epidemiological, prognostic, and therapeutic features of child and adolescent meningioma are poorly defined. Clinical knowledge has been drawn from small case series and extrapolation from adult studies. This study was done to pool and analyse the clinical evidence on child and adolescent meningioma. METHODS Searches of PubMed, Medline, and(More)
The purpose of this paper was to study the feasibility of endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) as a treatment modality in patients with hydrocephalus of tubercular origin. Literature on ETV in hydrocephalus of tubercular origin has been reviewed, and we have gathered experiences of neurosurgeons from various institutions in our country practicing ETV.(More)
Soil organic carbon (SOC) up to 1 m depth originates from contemporary vegetation cover dating from past millennia. Deforestation and reforestation with economically important species is influencing soil carbon sequestration. An attempt has been made in this study to evaluate the impact of vegetation cover change (due to replacement of natural heterogeneous(More)
BACKGROUND Intracranial meningiomas are rare tumors in children accounting for 0.4-4.6% of all primary brain tumors in the age group of 0-18 years. OBJECTIVE To retrospectively analyze the epidemiological profile, clinical features, radiological findings, type of excision, histopathological findings, and overall management profile of these patients. (More)
Figure 1: Components of Physical User Interfaces ABSTRACT Processor enabled products, each with its own user interface, have pervaded everyday life. To facilitate interaction design exploration for novel devices, we have developed, a design tool for prototyping the bits and the atoms of physical user interfaces in concert. It enables designers(More)
I develop a model of competition between charter schools and traditional public schools and estimate the model using administrative data from North Carolina. I use the model to quantify how existing charter schools have affected test scores for both charter and public school students and simulate charter school entry and student test scores were binding(More)
Most work on social interactions studies a single, composite effect of interactions within a group. Yet in the case of sexual initiation there are two distinct social mechanisms— peer-group norms and partner availability—with separate effects and different potential interventions. Here I develop an equilibrium search and matching model for first sexual(More)
Due to data limitations, few papers documenting the existence of peer effects explore the mechanisms through which they operate. This paper develops and estimates an equilibrium model of study time choices made by students, given a social network. The model is designed to exploit unique data collected in the Berea Panel Study (BPS). The study time data(More)