Nirav B. Patel

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The alpha7 subunit-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (alpha7nAChR) is an essential component in the vagus nerve-based cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway that regulates the levels of TNF, high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1), and other cytokines during inflammation. Choline is an essential nutrient, a cell membrane constituent, a precursor in the(More)
In contrast to pathogenic HIV/SIV infections of humans and rhesus macaques (RMs), natural SIV infection of sooty mangabeys (SMs) is typically non-pathogenic despite high viremia. Several studies suggested that low immune activation and relative resistance of CD4+ central memory T-cells from virus infection are mechanisms that protect SMs from AIDS. In 2008(More)
Respiratory syncytial viruses encode a nonstructural protein (NS1) that interferes with type I and III interferon and other antiviral responses. Proteomic studies were conducted on human A549 type II alveolar epithelial cells and type I interferon-deficient Vero cells (African green monkey kidney cells) infected with wild-type and NS1-deficient clones of(More)
clinic and 96 of them were secondary abdominal contour deformities. The types of deformities that require secondary surgery have been identified in 7 main groups: Excessive liposuction, High riding scar, Insufficient removal of excess skin and fat, Deformity of umbilicus, Scar visibility, Overall dissatisfaction with the look, Skin necrosis. results: In our(More)
Rabies is an acute viral infection that causes encephalomyelitis in almost all warm blooded animals and is invariably fatal once the clinical signs appear. The present study was carried out to assess the effect of recombinant human interferon alpha (rhIFN α-2A) treatment on the survival of rabies infected mice and its correlation with cytokines expression.(More)
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