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Reuse is the key paradigm for increasing productivity and quality in software development. To be able to reuse software components, whether it is code or designs, it is necessary to locate the component that can be reused. Locating components, or even realizing they exist, can be quite difficult in a large collection of components. These components need to(More)
— Hybrid Cloud offers small business customers the flexibility of a cloud-based solution with the security of a locally housed server. The customer's data is stored on the New Hybrid Cloud Server, and the New Hybrid Cloud Server is located at the customer's site, but is managed remotely. A style of computing where massively scalable (and elastic) IT-related(More)
In this paper, we propose an adaptive contention-based MAC scheduling scheme called Multi-channel Contention-based TDMA (MC/TDMA) for Multichannel wireless networks which provides proportional service differentiation while achieving high resource utilization. The MC/TDMA scheme adaptively schedules the traffic over multiple non-overlapping channels by(More)
In this paper, we propose multi-channel time division multiple access (MC/TDMA) scheme which provides proportional service differentiation while achieving high throughput in a multichannel wireless network. Proportional service differentiation is achieved by scheduling traffic over multiple non- overlapping channels using the modified open-shop scheduling(More)
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