Niranjan Kumar Singh

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Mastitis is characterized by physical, chemical and bacteriological changes in the milk and pathological changes in the glandular tissue of the udder and affects the quality and quantity of milk. The bacterial contamination of milk from the affected cows render it unfit for human consumption and provides a mechanism of spread of diseases like tuberculosis,(More)
PURPOSE To study temporal pattern of serum liver enzymes levels in newborns with hepatic injury associated with birth asphyxia (BA). METHODS Singleton term newborns with BA and ≤72 hours of age admitted to neonatal intensive care unit were prospectively enrolled. Term newborns with physiological jaundice and without BA were studied as controls. Serum(More)
This paper describes effects of a sublethal (1.2 mg 1−1) organophosphate, malathion, on the ovary of an air breathing catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis. The study focuses on microscopic changes that occur on ovigerous lamellae, oocytes at different stages of development and the nucleus of the immature oocyte. Also, change in estrogen levels in blood serum is(More)
Infective endocarditis affecting the tricupid valve due to rupture of non-coronary sinus of Valsalva is distinctly rare. We are reporting such a rare case, presenting with recurrent ill sustained ventricular tachycardia.
BACKGROUND The vestibulocochlear nerve is a sensory nerve that serves the organs of hearing and equilibrium. Neuropathies of the nerve, particularly auditory neuropathy, may be caused by primary demyelination or axonal disease. Cochlear amplification function is normal in cases of auditory neuropathy, but afferent neural conduction in the auditory pathway(More)
Suspension culture cells of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) were examined using transmission electron microscopy to characterize morphological changes associated with hyperthermal stress. Cultures maintained at 26°C (unadapted cells) and 38°C (thermoadapted cells) were examined before and after exposure to elevated temperatures of 34°C and 45°C, respectively.(More)