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The rapid growth of the Internet has put us into trouble when we need to find information in such a large network of databases. At present, using topic-specific web crawler becomes a way to seek the needed information. The main characteristic of a topic-specific web crawler is to select and retrieve only relevant web pages in each crawling process. There(More)
Topic-specific web crawler collects relevant web pages of interested topics from the Internet. There are many previous researches focusing on algorithms of web page crawling. The main purpose of those algorithms is to gather as many relevant web pages as possible, and most of them only detail the approaches of the first crawling. However, no one has ever(More)
Recommender systems have been successfully applied to enhance the quality of service for customers, and more importantly, to increase the sale of products and services in e-commerce business. In order to provide effective recommendation results within an acceptable response time, a recommender system is required to have the scalability to handle a large(More)
Nowadays, Internet is widely used almost all over the world including Thailand. People can find Web site or information that they need by using search engines like Sansarn or Google. When users type words or phrases into the search box, sometimes they are not satisfied with the returned results. One of the most important problems is misspelled query due to(More)
This paper describes an overview of applying peer-to-peer technique to memorybased machine translation system to assist translation in community. In each user’s local system, the local database will be set up. Users are able to keep source information, translated information by machine translation system and manually edited information in database. If the(More)
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