Niraj Shakhakarmi

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In this paper, a robust distributed malicious node detection and precise localization and tracking method is proposed for Cluster based Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET). Certificate Authority (CA) node is selected as the most stable node among trusted nodes, surrounded by Registration Authority nodes (RAs) in each cluster to generate the Dynamic Demilitarized(More)
A novel Strict Friendliness Verification (SFV) scheme based on the integrated key consisting of symmetric node identity, geographic location and round trip response time between the sender and the receiver radio in MANET is proposed. This key is dynamically updated for encryption and decryption of each packet to resolve Wormhole attack and Sybil attack.(More)
A novel approach of the integrated security and dynamic Position Location and Tracking (PL&T) for malicious node maintaining two friendly nodes is proposed. Location based hash security scheme is deployed for detection of friendly and malicious nodes by encrypting hash functions using private location assets to increase the security level. In addition, PL&T(More)
The nature of pre-determined and on-demand mobile network fabrics can be exploited for Position Real time Location Tracking (PL&T) of radios and sensors (nodes) for Global Positioning System (GPS) denied or GPS-free systems. This issue is addressed by a novel system of integrating zone finding and triangulation method for determining the PL&T of nodes when(More)
The next generation wearable devices are Smart health monitoring device and Smart sousveillance hat which are capable of using wearable sensors for measuring physiological information, sousveillanace, navigation, as well as smart device to smart device communications over cellular coverage. Smart health monitoring device collect and observe different health(More)
Dynamic Position Location and Tracking (PL&T) is proposed deploying the integrated approach of zone finding and triangulation using two friendly nodes equipped with Steered Directional Antenna (DA) in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET). This approach allows the system to use only two references instead of a typical 3 references for a straight triangulation.(More)
Secured opportunistic Medium Access Control (MAC) and complexity reduction in channel estimation are proposed in the Cross layer design Cognitive Radio Networks deploying the secured dynamic channel allocation from the endorsed channel reservation. Channel Endorsement and Transmission policy is deployed to optimize the free channel selection as well as(More)
Secured Position Location and Tracking (PL&T) scheme is developed for multiple malicious radios or nodes detection using integrated key based strict friendly scheme and position location and tracking by multi-sectored based multiple target’s PL&T. The friendly and malicious nodes detection is based on the integrated key consisting of symmetric keys,(More)
Cellular network resources are essential to be optimized in femto cells equipped macro cell networks. This is achieved by increasing the cellular coverage and channel capacity, and reducing power usage and interference between femto cells and macro cells. In this paper, the optimization approach for cellular resources with installed femto cells in macro(More)
Mutiscale analysis represents multiresolution scrutiny of a signal to improve its signal quality. Multiresolution analysis of 1D voice signal and 2D image is conducted using DCT, FFT and different wavelets such as Haar, Deubachies, Morlet, Cauchy, Shannon, Biorthogonal, Symmlet and Coiflet deploying the cascaded filter banks based decomposition and(More)