Niraj Shah

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Due to the heterogeneity of network processor archi-tectures and constantly evolving network applications, it is currently a challenge to compare or evaluate network processors. In this paper, we present principles of a benchmarking methodology that aim to facilitate the realistic evaluation and comparison of network processors. A key aspect of our approach(More)
Understanding developmental processes, especially in non-model crop plants, is extremely important in order to unravel unique mechanisms regulating development. Chickpea (C. arietinum L.) seeds are especially valued for their high carbohydrate and protein content. Therefore, in order to elucidate the mechanisms underlying seed development in chickpea, deep(More)
MultiPoint is a speech and pen user interface for building presentations, implemented as an add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint™. In this study, we compared users' performance between building presentations with MultiPoint and with PowerPoint. We also compared participants' performance between using Wizard of Oz (Woz) speech recognition and computer speech(More)
This study presents genome-wide discovery of SNPs through next generation sequencing of the genome of Cicer reticulatum. Mapping of the C. reticulatum sequenced reads onto the draft genome assembly of C. arietinum (desi chickpea) resulted in identification of 842,104 genomic SNPs which were utilized along with an additional 36,446 genic SNPs identified from(More)
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