Nira Singh Shrestha

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BACKGROUND Maternal mortality traditionally has been the indicator of maternal health all over the world. More recently review of the cases with near miss obstetric events has been found to be useful to investigate maternal mortality. Cases of near- miss are those in which women present with potentially fatal complication during pregnancy, delivery or the(More)
OBJECTIVE to find out the incidence of nuchal cord at delivery, intrapartum complication and perinatal outcomes in the cases with nuchal cord. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective, cross-sectional, comparative study done at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital (KMCTH) between March 2006 to September 2006. Total 512 deliveries occurred during this(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the incidence and indications for labour induction and study the predictors of failed induction. MATERIAL AND METHOD A hospital based prospective study done over a 12 month period between 1st November 2007 to 30th October 2008. SELECTION CRITERIA Singleton pregnancies beyond 37 weeks with vertex presentation and unscarred uterus(More)
OBJECTIVE The over all objective of the study was to determine different methods of abortion opted by CAC clients at KMCTH. The specific objective of the study was to know the reasons for pregnancy termination and to know the reasons opted for either medical or surgical method of abortion. METHODOLOGY A hospital based prospective study was carried out for(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate determination of fetal weight prior to delivery can have a significant bearing on the management decision in labour, thereby markedly improving perinatal outcome. OBJECTIVE To determine the accuracy of prediction of birth weight by fetal ultrasound. METHODS This is the retrospective observational hospital based study done at(More)
Hysterectomy is one of the most frequently performed major surgical procedure in women. Traditionally, the uterus has been removed either by abdominal or vaginal route. In spite of the recommendations in favor of vaginal hysterectomy majority of the hysterectomies are still done by the means of abdominal route and vaginal route is utilized mostly for(More)
INTRODUCTION His Majesty's Government amended the Nepal Criminal Code (Muluki Ain)--for Liberalising abortion law in the month of Chaitra 2058 (March 2002) and Royal Assent was given on 10th Asoj 2059 (27th September 2002). Accordingly Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) Services was initiated in the country. Kathmandu Medical College after enlisting with(More)
A cross sectional study has been done over a period of one year to find out the total number of young people, adolescents and youth attending at general gynaecological OPD and special adolescent clinic and to analyse them in terms of their sex, ethnicity, address, marital status, education, occupation and their health problems in a teaching hospital at(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic surgery has revolutionised the field of gynaecological surgery. Presently, almost all gynaecological procedures can find an alternative laparoscopic or hysterescopic approach. The aim of the study was to share the early experience of gynecological laparoscopic surgeries performed at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital. (More)