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Decision trees have three main disadvantages: reduced performance when the training set is small, rigid decision criteria and the fact that a single "uncharacteristic" attribute might "derail" the classification process. In this paper we present ConfDTree - a post-processing method which enables decision trees to better classify outlier instances. This(More)
1.1. The Concept The proposed approach first identifies key terms that serve as initial indication for the presence of sentiment and then analyzed the context in which they appear. This enables us to detect even small amounts of relevant text hidden in a much larger section. The original rule-based model, presented in [1], was evaluated in the field of data(More)
Online cancer communities help members support one another, provide new perspectives about living with cancer, normalize experiences, and reduce isolation. The American Cancer Society's 166000-member Cancer Survivors Network (CSN) is the largest online peer support community for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. Sentiment analysis and topic(More)
One important challenge in the field of recommender systems is the sparsity of available data. This problem limits the ability of recommender systems to provide accurate predictions of user ratings. We overcome this problem by using the publicly available user generated information contained in Wikipedia. We identify similarities between items by mapping(More)
Online Health Communities is a major source for patients and their family members in the process of gathering information and seeking social support. The American Cancer Society Cancer Survivors Network has many users and presents a large number of users' interactions with regards to coping with cancer. Sentiment analysis is an important step in(More)
Sentiment analysis in natural language text is a challenging task involving a deep understanding of both syntax and semantics. Leveraging the polarity of multiword expressions—or concepts—rather than single words can mitigate the difficulty of such a task as these expressions carry more contextual information than isolated words. Such contextual information(More)