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In this paper we investigate the optimal harvesting of a renewable natural resource. While in most standard approaches the resource is located at a single point, we allow the resource to be distributed spatially. Consequently, an agent who exploits the resource has to travel from one location to another. For a fixed planning horizon, we investigate the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o JEL classification: Q23 Q51 Q57 Keywords: Old trees Old growth Non-use value Existence value Contingent Valuation Israel We estimated the annual value of old growth trees in Israel using a Contingent Valuation (CV) study. We used the payment card (PC) procedure and surveyed both forest visitors as well as a representative sample of the(More)
This paper utilizes economic valuation to offer a new perspective on livestock rancher-predator conflicts. While most studies have considered losses to the species directly involved, i.e., cattle and wolves (Canis lupus), we take into account other species that are threatened by efforts to protect livestock. In this case, vultures (Gyps fulvus) and gazelles(More)
The technic employed in catheterization of the left heart in man is (lescribe(l. A catheter is introduced into the left ulnar artery and passed through the brachial, axillary and subclavian arteries into the arch of the aorta. With the tip of the catheter at the root of the aorta, we have succeeded in entering the left ventricle only in patients with free(More)
The basin scale has been promoted universally as the optimal management unit that allows for the internalization of all external effects caused by multiple water uses. However, the basin scale has been put forward largely on the basis of experience in temperate zones. Hence whether the basin scale is the best scale for management in other settings remains(More)
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