Nipu kumar Das

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The rapid increase in global energy consumption and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions has accelerated the transition towards greener energy sources. The need for distributed generation employing renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and fuel cells has gained significant momentum. Advanced power electronic systems, affordable high performance(More)
The polycrystalline cadmium telluride (CdTe) is regarded as one of the leading photovoltaic (PV) materials for its high efficiency and low-cost. The absorber material CdTe has the ideal and direct bandgap of 1.45 eV and it has a high absorption co-efficient over 5&#x00D7;10<sup>5</sup>/cm. In this work, the possibility of ultra-thin absorber layer of(More)
Energy is the most fundamental sector for the progression of a nation. The production of energy is going on from many years for the need of energy in all around the world but the true scenario is that the whole world is currently facing dreadful energy crisis in spite of numerous energy sources. So the production, distribution and the use of the energy(More)
The Cu<sub>2</sub>ZnSnS<sub>4</sub> is a quaternary semiconductor compound has recently been drawn the attention of extensive research as a potential absorber layer since its offers favourable optical and electronic properties along with low cost material. In this research work, the deep level defects on the performance of CZTS solar cells with Bismuth(More)
The absorber layer of CZTS solar cell is a compound semiconductor which has favourable optical and electrical properties. Researchers are highly interest to investigate the CZTS solar cells for its earth abundant, non-toxic and low cost feature. Consequently, the absorber layer of CIGS is replaced to CZTS absorber layer. In this research work, the(More)
The demand of energy is growing rapidly in response of the development of the world. The crucial solution of large amount of energy is to harvest alternative source of energy. Sustainable development can be possible by harvesting solar energy as it is smoke free, clean and environment friendly. For low cost, non-toxic and earth abundant feature, CZTS solar(More)
The number of decease due to Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in low and middle-income countries has become a major concern. From a clinical standpoint, electrocardiogram is an useful mechanism to diagnose cardiac diseases. Therefore, electrocardiogram based machine design has taken into consideration to create a framework for building a simple, low cost(More)
Energy consumption is growing rapidly day by day since the development is directly proportional to the use of electricity. The conventional sources of energy are diminishing in response of huge energy consumption. So, the burning question is to explore new non-conventional sources of energy to meet the enormous demand. Solar energy is considered as(More)
With the progress and development of national economy as well as power system, reliability and safety issues of power system have been more important. Development of distribution Transformer Health Monitoring System (THMS) has been done in that reason. Distribution transformer is the most vital asset in any electrical distribution network and therefore it(More)
Utilization of Renewable energy resources is the most important field in a developing country like Bangladesh. Development of an effective method for evaluation of alternative energy sources in the automotive industry has always been a necessity for cost efficient design analysis. One viable energy source is electricity. Electric Vehicle (EV) is the(More)