Nipoon Malhotra

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With the development of location aware sensor applications, location determination has become an increasingly important middleware technology. Numerous current technologies for location determination of sensor nodes use the received signal strength from sensor nodes using omni-directional antennas. However, an increasing number of sensor systems are now(More)
This paper presents a study of topological characteristics of mobile wireless ad-hoc networks. The characteristics studied are connectivity, coverage, and diameter. Knowledge of topological characteristics of a network aids in the design and performance prediction of network protocols. This paper introduces intelligent goal-directed mobility algorithms for(More)
An efficient recovery protocol for lost messages is crucial for supporting reliable multicasting. The tree-based recovery protocols group nodes into recovery regions and designate a recovery node per region for buffering and retransmitting lost messages. In these protocols, the recovery host may get overloaded during periods of large message losses and(More)
Peer-to-peer systems such as Gnutella and Kazaa are used by millions of people for sharing music and many other files over the Internet, and they account for a significant portion of the Internet traffic. The traffic in a peer-to-peer overlay network is different from that in WWW in that each peer is both a client and a server. This suggests that one can(More)
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