Ninoslav Mitić

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This study was aimed at obtaining insight into the diversity of sialic acids in cancer- and non-cancer-related CA125 antigen, tumour marker of serous ovarian cancer. Starting from available data suggesting the possible relevance of sialic acids for discriminating CA125 antigens of different origin, we have employed a new experimental approach based on the(More)
Mucin 16 (MUC16) is a type I transmembrane protein, the extracellular portion of which is shed after proteolytic degradation and is denoted as CA125 antigen, a well known tumor marker for ovarian cancer. Regarding its polypeptide and glycan structures, as yet there is no detailed insight into their heterogeneity and ligand properties, which may greatly(More)
CA-125 (coelomic epithelium-related antigen) forms the extracellular portion of transmembrane mucin 16 (MUC16). It is shed after proteolytic degradation. Due to structural heterogeneity, CA-125 ligand capacity and biological roles are not yet understood. In this study, we assessed CA-125 as a ligand for dendritic cell-specific ICAM-3-grabbing non-integrin(More)
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