Nino Takaishvili

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The separation of enantiomers of five chiral dihydropyridine derivatives was studied on five different polysaccharide-based chiral HPLC columns with various normal-phase (NP), polar organic, and reversed-phase eluents. Along with the successful separation of analyte enantiomers, the emphasis of this study was on enantiomer elution order (EEO) with various(More)
When polysaccharide-based chiral columns are used in combination with aqueous-organic mobile phases for the separation of enantiomers in high-performance liquid chromatography the separation mode is commonly called "reversed-phase" in analogy to achiral separations. In several earlier and recent studies on neutral and basic chiral analytes it was shown by(More)
The separation of the stereoisomers of 23 chiral basic agrochemicals was studied on six different polysaccharide-based chiral columns in high-performance liquid chromatography with various polar organic mobile phases. Along with the successful separation of analyte stereoisomers, emphasis was placed on the effect of the chiral selector and mobile phase(More)
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