Nino Stojkovic

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  • 2009
Time-frequency distributions represent an efficient tool in the analyzing and processing of nonstationary signals. Some characteristics of nonstationary signals (such as frequency modulation or the property of multicomponents) result in the appearance of undesirable interference terms (cross-terms) which do not exist in an ideal time-frequency(More)
Sažetak: U članku su predstavljene sljedeće metode nelinearnog upravljanja: neizrazito upravljanje i različite varijante upravljanja s promjenjivom strukturom i kliznim režimom. Ti su postupci upravljanja korišteni u simulacijama za poboljšanje slijeđenja trajektorije troosne planarne rotacijske robotske ruke. Kvaliteta slijeđenja trajektorije robota(More)
Among the different power quality parameters, the voltage total harmonic distortion is important and is often studied. Different indices have previously been suggested to measure and monitor both the current and the voltage distortion in power systems, but the harmonic characterization of a power system can still not be performed in a satisfactory way. The(More)
In this paper noise analysis of three different filter designs is performed. Voltage noise spectral density and RMS noise voltage in simply designed active RC, noise optimized active RC and switched capacitor (SC) filter design are calculated for fifth order Chebyshev low pass filter, with a cut-off frequency f<sub>c</sub>=3.4kHz, and pass-band ripple(More)
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