Nino Spataro

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Parkinson's disease (PD) can be divided into familial (Mendelian) and sporadic forms. A number of causal genes have been discovered for the Mendelian form, which constitutes 10-20% of the total cases. Genome-wide association studies have successfully uncovered a number of susceptibility loci for sporadic cases but those only explain a small fraction (6-7%)(More)
BACKGROUND The analysis of coverage depth in next-generation sequencing data allows the detection of gene dose alterations. We explore the frequency of such structural events in a Spanish cohort of sporadic PD cases. METHODS Gene dose alterations were detected with the eXome-Hidden Markov Model (XHMM) software from depth of coverage in resequencing data(More)
Essential trace elements possess vital functions at molecular, cellular, and physiological levels in health and disease, and they are tightly regulated in the human body. In order to assess variability and potential adaptive evolution of trace element homeostasis, we quantified 18 trace elements in 150 liver samples, together with the expression levels of(More)
We present here the first genome sequence of the Aeromonas diversa type strain (CECT 4254(T)). This strain was isolated from the leg wound of a patient in New Orleans (Louisiana) and was originally described as enteric group 501 and distinguished from A. schubertii by DNA-DNA hybridization and phenotypical characterization.
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